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Camry Earns Praise From Consumer Reports

It is already one of the most popular cars in the United States, but the Toyota Camry recently got a sterling review from Consumer Reports. The publication named the 2012 hybrid version of the car the best family sedan, according to USA Today. The achievement may surprise some people since the latest version of the […]

What To Do If Your Involved In A Car Accident

Traffic accidents can occur at any moment, whether it’s during inclement weather or under blue skies, if there is a traffic jam or the road is nearly empty. Sometimes a crash is unavoidable, and drivers should be prepared in the event they find themselves in this situation. AAA recently released a few pointers to help […]

The Key To Starting Your Car….The Battery !!!

In order to start a car, an electrical charge is needed to provide the spark for the ignition system to kick the engine into gear. This energy is supplied by the car battery, which is designed to wear out over time. The average automotive batter typically lasts for roughly two years, but this can be […]

Helping People Get The Vehicle They Need

You Can Drive Away Today! Since 2006 Norton Automotive Group has been working with credit-challenged customers to get the transportation they need for their daily lives. We specialize in customers that can’t get approved by traditional dealerships because of special credit situations.  Please take a look through our website for more information on how to […]