The New Way People Shop For Cars


Years ago when I got into the car business consumers would come to your dealerships and shop, I mean SHOP, look at several cars, compare features, drive all of them, then once they settled on one or two they would be ready to sit down and “talk numbers”.  My how things have changed today.  The great car salesmen of the past have been delegated to order takers today.  When a consumer shows up at your dealership, they typically know more about the vehicle they came to see then the guy selling it or showing it to them.  How did this happen you ask? Car buying has been totally changed by the internet.  Before any customer ever sets foot out of there home or office to look at a car they have spent countless numbers or hours pouring over all the information on the internet about all the different makes and models and have done just about everything to the car they want with the exception of test driving it, and there are a few sites that will let you do a virtual test drive online.  Consumers are able to get dealer costs, dealer incentives and rebates, and within reason everything that an employee of the dealership would have provided before the emergence of the internet.  Really educated buyers will even get their financing arranged before they leave and have the car buying process down to going to a dealer and test driving the car and taking it home.  The old fashioned days of the impulse buy of a vehicle are gone, the new days of educated buyers that are super aware and super cautions about every detail are now here and not going anywhere.  Before long, dealers will be delivering vehicles to peoples homes or jobs with the paperwork filled out because the buyer has already done enough research to know exactly what they want and all they need is to sign the documents for their new vehicle.  Embrace the wave of the future !!!

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