Family visits to friends and relatives, a getaway to better summer weather or an annual vacation to some genuine tourist site; there are a couple of months left before school starts and the fall routine is established. Here are a few tips to make your summer travel a bit safer and more enjoyable:
• Do a careful and complete check-up on your vehicle. Delayed or missed routine maintenance items like oil changes, battery tests, tires, wiper blades, fluid levels, etc. can help avoid serious delays on the road. And check the web site to see if there have been any recalls for your particular vehicle to add another level of care and safety when you plan your trip.
• Seat belts are a must for everyone in the vehicle. Remember, children 13 and under are safest in the back seat and the “little ones” should be in appropriate car seats designed for their age and size.
• Distracted driving is estimated to kill 3,000 people and injure 400,000 every year so be sure the driver stays focused on driving. Stay alert and utilize rest stops and regular breaks to avoid any “highway hypnosis”.
• Finally, be aware that we truly “share the road” with others – especially others that are not in four-wheel vehicles. Watch out for motorcycles, motorbikes, bicycles and even pedestrians that will be out this summer enjoying the road with you.

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