Tips on Gasoline Usage


We all appreciate the recent drop in gas prices and the latest price increases are certainly tolerable in light of the high prices we had to deal with over the past few years. This month we will review some tips about gasoline use.
• First, an easy one. Be aware of gas prices even when you don’t need gas. As you see lower than usual gasoline prices in your normal travels around town; take advantage and get the cheaper gas – even fill up if you can. Overall this will lower your total cost of fuel and save you money.
• All gasoline stations are governed by the same rules for storage, quality and pumping issues but the gasoline from the top 25 or so “name brand” stations often have some advantages;
o During seasonal changes branded gasoline tends to be more responsive with seasonal formula changes than the lower-tier sellers, and
o Top tier gasoline brands frequently contain more detergent additives which may help maintain engines and improve engine performance.
• That little bit of extra gas we may use to “top off” a fill-up is often just wasted. Frequently that extra gas just goes into the vehicle’s overflow, or vapor recovery system and doesn’t get used at all. The government’s emphasis on clean air and vapor control has caused auto manufacturers to utilize some pretty extensive technology to avoid such problems so that extra shot of gas is often just blown away.

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