Tis The Season!!!!


All of us at Norton Automotive Group wish you and yours a safe and enjoyable holiday season. We are fortunate to live in an area that celebrates the season with plenty of joyous and delightful celebrations and holiday delights for all ages. In addition to the many activities, events, sights and sounds of the season here in Houston, there are a number of holiday events in nearby Galveston as well. There is the well-known Dickens on the Strand plus smaller celebrations and lots of activities for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season. For more information go to magic or call 888-425-4753.

Unfortunately, December and its holiday celebrations and festivities are also a time when some are tempted to get back behind the wheel after partying that included alcoholic beverages. Just DON’T DO IT!!
Don’t be tempted to drive after even “just one” and don’t convince yourself that it will be okay because “I live really nearby”, or “I don’t even feel it”, or whatever excuses you choose. Even “just one” can impair your driving ability, judgment and reaction time; thereby increasing your risk of an accident – or perhaps a DWI conviction. Even a first offence DWI can be costly in both fines and the time lost dealing with the conviction. Here is a list of the potential costs to a 21-year-old adult for a first-offense misdemeanor DWI conviction:
• DWI Fine up to $2,000 • Bail $2,075
• Alcohol-Education Class $300 • County Penalties $300
• Vehicle tow/storage $200 • DMV License Fees $1,950
• State surcharges $3,000 • Legal & Attorney Fees $4,800
Adding up to a TOTAL ESTIMATED FEES AND FINES OF $15,105 – PLUS a significant increase in your insurance rates which are likely to be several thousand dollars per year.

We at Norton agree with the State’s reminder that “You can’t afford it” so have a safe holiday season and stay sober behind the wheel.

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