Useful Accessories That Didn’t Come With Your Car


There are a number of things that can be very useful in your car, especially in both minor and major emergencies. Since these things didn’t come with the car, it is good planning to be sure you have them available when you venture out. Here is a list that can serve as a reminder and perhaps a shopping list:
• A basic First Aid Kit
• Bright and Weatherproof Flashlight
• Fire Extinguisher – Dry-type
• Flares, Hazard Triangles or a Warning Light
• Tire Sealant in case of a small puncture
• Spare Electrical Fuses
• Some Gloves, Hand-cleaner and clean rags or Wipes
• Jumper Cables or a Battery Booster
• Paper and Pen/Pencil to take information or leave notes when necessary

Be sure to have your cell phone handy and a car charger if possible, and don’t forget your auto-club card and/or a list of phone numbers for those you might need to call if you are stranded on the road or in any other emergency.

Finally, be familiar with how these things are used and check them occasionally to be sure they are in working condition. This way you can be comfortable with them in case of an emergency. Here’s wishing you never really NEED some of them.

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