In spite of some recent increases in gas prices, fuel cost is still at fairly low levels thus encouraging many of us to use our vehicles for vacation travel instead of costly public transportation. If your vacation is not already behind you, a little additional planning can make your vacation this year less stressful. Packing away a few additional items for the trip can provide some extra security and peace of mind as you prepare for the journey.
• If not a comprehensive First Aid Kit, have a few first aid items readily available to treat minor problems quickly and properly. An elastic bandage can also provide relief for minor strains from vacation exercises you’re not accustomed to.
• A car charger for your cell phone will assure it is charged even if you forget to do so the night before.
• Be sure the lug wrench fits your tire lug bolts and that you know how to use the jack in case a tire needs changing when and where help is not readily available. A can of pressurized puncture sealant can also be useful for temporary repair of small tire leaks on the road.
• A good flashlight (preferably waterproof) is always useful for emergencies and even for simply finding things in the dark or help finding your way in strange surroundings.
• Spare fuses are not expensive and don’t take up much room but can really save a lot of grief if critical components fail because of a simple blown fuse.

Like most lists, this one could be longer but it is a good start for your vacation planning. And, if new wheels are part of your vacation plans, be sure to visit Norton Automotive Group for a deal you can live with.

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