Vacation Planning


School will be out soon and many of us will be planning some vacation time with the family. Here are some tips to make your vacation planning more enjoyable and/or more economical.
• If you plan to fly, look for cheaper flights that are usually the first and last flights of the day.
• For trips over the week-end look for business focused hotels that are generally less used on week-ends and thus may offer better prices for your visit. They may not be in the tourist sections of your destination but the savings can make a big difference.
• Avoid visiting cities during large conventions and major events that will not only fill up hotels but also push up rates. Check the visitor’s bureau or convention calendar of your planned destination.
• Try to plan for “off-season” trips that can save real money. For example, ski resorts in the summer and beach trips in late Summer or early Fall. Many resort destinations offer “Shoulder Season” rates that can be very cost-efficient.
• If the hotel rates at your destination seem way too high, look for some alternative choices that can be much more economical. For example, you can research choices on internet sites like and to find options.
• To avoid wasting vacation time in long lines, visit at less popular times, make reservations and use prepaid passes where you can.

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