Want To Track Your Teenage Driver


With this new school year, many of us also have new teenage drivers in the family. Unfortunately, automobile accidents are the leading cause of teenage deaths in America. Once again, modern technology has provided worried parents with tools to at least know more about their teenage drivers – and can even provide some controls. All of which naturally comes at a cost in both your teenage drivers freedom and your wallet.

GPS devices are available that plug into the car’s diagnostic port (right on the dashboard) which monitor the drivers speed, location, acceleration and braking. Some even include the ability to define a geographic area or electronic “fence” and most will alert you when specific conditions or limits are exceeded such as speed or location. These devices cost about $80 to $150 each plus a monthly monitoring fee of $15 to $20. Set-up and monitoring is through websites on the internet. Generally reports are also available that describe the vehicle’s operations over some period of time. The more expensive models will even tell you if there is a potential battery problem, engine problems or even if the car is being towed. There are lots of options available depending on the model – and cost – you are interested in.

Obviously, being able to stay in touch with your driver is equally important for seniors or loaned vehicles you have provided to a sitter, nanny or others. The ability to electronically follow an elderly driver so that you can be assured they have arrived at their destination safely can be very reassuring and comforting. And, the cost of such monitoring can be shared among family members.

Finally, these devices are not unlike those being provided by some insurance companies to monitor your driving to help them adjust your insurance rates – both up and down.

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