What To Do If Your Involved In A Car Accident


Traffic accidents can occur at any moment, whether it’s during inclement weather or under blue skies, if there is a traffic jam or the road is nearly empty. Sometimes a crash is unavoidable, and drivers should be prepared in the event they find themselves in this situation. AAA recently released a few pointers to help motorists know what to do if they get into accidents.

“Even the most prepared and competent drivers sometimes find themselves involved in a crash,” said Dr. William Van Tassel, manager of AAA Driver Training Programs. “It does not matter who is at fault, the most important thing to do first is make sure everyone is OK, then seek medical and law enforcement help and know what to do to protect yourself from legal or financial problems down the road.”

When you get into a crash, the first thing to do is make sure everyone in your vehicle and the other vehicle, if there is another car involved, is all right. If anyone is hurt, call for help right away. If not, move to the next step, getting everyone to safety. Move the cars, if you can, off the road. Then, you have to call the police. This is the law, and a traffic accident report needs to be filed. You will need to explain to the cops what happened, and the report will help if you need to file a liability claim later on.

The next step is to trade contact, vehicle and insurance information with the other driver. You will also want to document the accident, taking pictures of damage and the scene of the accident. Then, submit all the information to your insurance company and have the other driver do the same.

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